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This is the theory part of the entrance examination. You are invited to use it to prepare yourself for the entrance examination next year. The type of questions will be more or less the same. The content of the questions will be different (as you might have guessed already).
The examination is divided into two parts, the first part consisting of 10 hearing/solfège questions, the second part containing 10 questions of general music theory.

Each questions contains easier and more difficult parts. You do not have to know the correct answer to all the questions to be admitted, even less if you apply for the preparatory year. Do what you can and leave things that might prove too difficult for you.

The audio examples of the solfège part are mp3 files. To be able to use them on your computer you need the following:

  • a reasonably fast connection to the internet (56K-modem, ISDN or cable modem)
  • a recent browser (Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher)
  • a plug-in capable of playing mp3 files through your browser (b.v. Quicktime of Windows MediaPlayer)

The audio examples come in two versions:

  • a long "real time" version that plays you the musical examples exactly as in the tentamination, including repetitions and pauses. These files are quite large (3 à 5 MB). You can trigger them by clicking on the big button at the right side of your screen. example "real time"
    example long "real time"
  • a shorter "step time" version that plays you each example only once. These files are relatively small and therefore easy to download (65 à 200 K). You can play them by clicking on the small button at the left side of your screen: example "step time"
example "step time"
The answer is hidden underneath the empty space reserved for your answers. You can find them by passing with your mouse over the space.